How to mount a network drive on Windows

In this brief article, I share the core details for how to configure Linux and WSL so that you can connect to a network drive on windows.

Command Prompt(CMD)

Step 1. Open the CMD on Windows 10. If press the Windows logo key + R, and then type in cmd to search for Command Prompt, you can open CMD.

Step 2. In the CMD that opens, type these commands below so that it can mount a network drive on Windows 10.

net use z: "\\domainname" [password] [/user:domainname\username]

Note: This example is we mount a network drive to Z drive.

Ubuntu on Windows 10(WSL)

Step 1. Create a new directory on Windows 10 with WSL.

mkdir /mnt/z 
mount -t drvfs z: /mnt/z 

After that, you can access a network drive from WSL.

If you want to access to that, please type a command below.

cd /mnt/z 

Step 2. the following command so that it can access the network drive all the time when you open a new shell.

echo "echo UserPassword" | sudo -S mount -t drvfs z: /mnt/z >> ~/.bashrc  


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